Slash & Dine was born as the creative brainchild of Marc Patterson, former founder and editor-in-chief of the cult and horror film website BrutalAsHell.com. It was originally conceptualized as a horror film and food column within Brutal As Hell, authored and developed by Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy. Under Natalie’s guidance the column saw the pairing of food and film, replete with recipes for the adventurous reader. Due to the growth of Bake And Destroy, Natalie handed over the reigns to fellow Chicago native Shannon Bucaro, who continued to develop the popularity of the column for the following year.

Then, in 2010 the tag-team of horror and cooking Nicole and Megan stepped in taking the crazy awesomeness to whole new levels. The column became popular enough to spin off into its own website, and it maintained a web presence as a sister site to Brutal As Hell well into 2013.

Now, in 2016 the site is born once again, but this time featuring Marc at the helm. Marc is a published writer of fiction, as well as an outspoken fan and critic of cult cinema. Additionally, he loves great food and is a voracious fan of Anthony Bourdain. His day job takes Marc all over the US where he uses his free time to seek out local food gems.

Marc has been interviewed by the NY Times and NPR regarding his views on cult cinema, and has been quoted on several film posters and Blu-ray jackets. Late in 2012, he gave up his position as Editor-in-chief at BrutalAsHell.com, deciding it was time to take advantage of a very generous tuition reimbursement program from his employer. He completed his English Lit/Creative Writing degree program in early 2016, allowing him to focus on his fiction writing, while also revisiting film criticism.

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Contributing Writers and all around Badasses:

Nicole and Megan are the tag team of horror and cooking. While Megan was a young’un swooning over Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Vincent Price, Nicole was just a few miles away turning off the Saturday morning cartoons to watch Rosemary’s Baby and Carrie with her mom. Megan grew up working in bakeries and dreaming of how to make the perfect zombie vs. shark cake, while Nicole was working for a horror film company and dreaming about eating that cake. Now, they both reside in Trashville, IL and enjoy taxidermy, cowboy boots, leopard print, drinking whiskey, and all things horror. Their heroes include Jesco White, Dolly Parton, and Elvis Presley. When they’re not watching Hammer films or Twin Peaks, you can find them baking, painting their nails with glitter, and sewing patches on their motorcycle jackets. They’re the biggest, the meanest, and the baddest.



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