Slash & Dine Resurrected, The Sequel, Part Two

SD_logo-black21by Marc

It was bound to happen. You can’t keep a good site down. Slash & Dine is back and promises to be bigger and more badass than ever. What’s more, if you’ll notice, is that there’s a new host at the helm, and that host would be me.

Slash & Dine was born as a side column within before it broke out into a stand alone site. You can read the full history on the about page. I originally had the concept for pairing food and movie, especially horror films, while I served as editor-in-chief. Drowned in between editorial duties and a day job, and unable to burden the task, I found an array of awesome fiends to turn the column into a living beast. And that they did. (Thank you to Natalie, Shannon, Megan, and Nicole!)

In 2013 I took a hiatus from all things horror, and all things film for that matter. In reality, it wasn’t so much a break as I desperately wanted to get back into school to complete an English Lit degree I had started years ago. It was a thorn sticking in my side that had been agitating me far too long. Between a family, a more than full time day job, school, and a website, something had to give.

Nicole and Megan had taken over Slash & Dine fully in 2010. Ben and Keri were killing it at Brutal As Hell. And thus, I slipped into the nether for a couple of years to focus at the task at hand.

Having now accomplished said mission I’ve been jonesing to get back to a writing project, but it needed to be something I could get enthusiastic about.

As I sat at The Brooklyn St. Local in Detroit savoring a mouth watering quiche, lovingly made from locally sourced ingredients it dawned on me: it was time to resurrect the dead. How was it not obvious before? I travel extensively for my day job, which enables me to eat at amazing places across the country. I have a perfectly respectable man crush on Anthony Bourdain. I know cult cinema. I love to cook. What other qualifications does a fucking foodie blogger need these days? I immediately hired myself.

While the focus of the site is still horror (and how could it not be with a name like Slash & Dine?) I truly am about all things badass in cinema, and so will feature action film, cult film, and crazy asian cinema, all with a decidedly hard edge. Should I need to be explicit: this will be a rated “R” blog, for a rated “R” audience.

Here I will offer you little to nothing in the way of film news. (You can get that just about anywhere else, and there are many great sites I visit daily. Hell, I’ll even make a list for you.) I’ll even avoid traditionally written and formulated reviews, instead opting to cover off on films that I actually like *gasp*, and that I feel fit the focus of the site. There will be lists… of beers, of food, of badass actors and actresses, and of badass films. There will be restaraunt reviews. There will be Charles fucking Bronson.

I’m looking forward to this trip. It’s going to be wild. It’s going to be a little unstable, and perhaps unpredictable, but if you’re in I guarantee you’re going to have a great time.