Etsy Favorites

Etsy Favorites

We’re always looking to other food lovers for inspiration. For those of you who want to impress your guests, but may not have the time or experience to go all out on your own, we put together a list of some of our favorite Etsy¬†items so you can pick up some cool Halloween treats. Make sure to click on each picture for direct links to buy.

These eyeball lollipops¬†are super creepy….and edible! Check out the rest of their shop for the coolest lollipops ever.

These Chocolate lollipops are so detailed! We might even feel bad eating them… no, wait, it’s chocolate, we’ll eat them all.

And the award for coolest cupcake toppers goes to…

So simple, but so cute. More cupcake toppers-

Love these wafer papers! Now these would totally impress your Halloween guests.

You can readily find plastic knives for toppers, but these are EDIBLE knife prints! More sugar!

The candy test tubes below would make the best party favors-

And all parties need a bloody good snack. Check out these chocolate covered pretzels.

Bone- appetit!