Edible Alien Eggs

Edible Alien Eggs

It’s only a matter of time until we come up with some out of this world recipes (bad pun intended) for the masterpiece that is the Alien movie. But until then, we created these deliciously sweet Alien Eggs that are sure to delight your Halloween guests.

Alien eggs

12 oz dried figs
4 oz almond paste
3 tbsp almonds
1/4 cup candied orange peel
Agave or honey

Chop almonds and peel in food processor. Add almond paste and pulse a few times. Remove from food processor and use your hands to mix the paste with the almonds and peel.

Trim stems from top of figs. Cut a cross in each fig, but do cut through the bottom.

Fill each fig with about 1 tsp of the almond paste. Press the fig back into shape around the paste.

Drizzle agave over the figs.

Enjoy your gooey sweet alien eggs!